Tuesday Trouble

I am a person who trusts the calls of the wild. Many people today have forgotten the price we had to pay when we discuss the fundamental principles of nature. We cannot overcome the fact that we are a mere handful of people, where as the space and the universe as a whole is infinite. And instead of exploring the deep cosmos, we struggle over petty things, that don’t concern anybody . Terrible faith has befallen mankind. As we can gaze into the eye of the beholder, so too the ancient scroll will whisper to us the pledge, by which all living being must be made equal, without classes and races. A beautiful new world that is waiting just behind the corner to find its next manifestation and change our lives for the better.


But I have said that many times, and I probably will say I again. Cast away the shackles of oppression and turn the other cheek when the situation demands. Oh how glorious is the human mind, how perfect a complete. There is no greater joy than to enjoy life to the fullest and to have what we have, it must be sign that we are doing something right. But aside from that we are who we are. We cannot change simply because we want to, and even if we could we are just mortal man and women, destined for a life of misery, well some of us turn out alright. Sometimes we even find ourselves in a situation where we cannot just ignore what’s happening in front of us and the holistic revolution which has been promised to us so many times in the past, is only an arm length away.


As poetic as that may sound, it is true that we are facing a crisis of massive proportions. There has never been a moment in history, which is more deprived and lacking of good characteristic. You know what I am talking about; I am talking about the corrupt government, huge corporations who are slowly but surely taking over the world, and all other kinds of ill stuff that is just waiting to pour into existence.


Then the saddest things happen. People get discouraged and leave their designated positions. I don’t know how we ever come to this, but nowadays it is impossible to trust anyone, regardless of status in the society, material wealth, it is crazy, and it is not getting any better, not by a long shot. It is true, that we experience great difficulties assimilating the true properties of how are things done today, but we are on the right track, so to speak that is. It is just a matter of time and time is one thing we do have, that and multiple possibilities to build better homes for ourselves. It is for the best that we do everything by the books, and not take advantage of people who are more gullible than we are. This is the ultimate truth behind this world. 

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Morning Story Times

I have traveled the world in search of the perfect cleaning technique. It is not easy figuring out where to go, when you are hitch-hiking on just a couple of quid a day. But I have to have this piece of information, if I ever wish to become truly powerful, I have to acquire the special knowledge, which has been passed for generations, from father to son. The only thing I have to find is the man who possesses this technique, and convince him that I am truly worthy of his knowledge.

It was a bright Sunday morning when I arrived at BlondberryVillage. It seemed quite a long way to go, in retrospect I would have been better off if I had followed my other lead, for one it was must closer. But I had a crazy hunch that it was here that I will finally learn the secret that I so desperately seek. I could feel electricity surging through the air.

BlondberryVillage was a small, almost isolated village in Whales. It took me some quite time before I could find it. It was obscured by luscious forest which covered it from three sides, where as the forth was guarded by a mighty river. Now that I am finally here I could see that this place was something beyond this world. It was time has stopped some 500 years ago, or maybe even more.

I took me maybe 15 minutes before I realized that I was the only person there. Where was everybody? Did they see me coming and thought I was some kind of vagrant? I don’t think I saw anyone on the way here, so what’s up? The troubling part is that I was getting pretty hungry. The last thing I had to eat was a dead squirrel, and that was almost 2 days ago. If no body was to show up, I would just go to the store and get some, regardless of who is here and who is not. Remember, that all good things must happen at their appropriate times.

I waited for quite some time; I decided I got bored from just waiting around, like I was expecting something to happen. What if I was wrong, and this was a ghost town and nothing more. I could not see any cars, animals, or any other kind of life out there. And if there is someone to disagree, well, boo to that person, because people are no meant to live this way, they way of the scavenger. Wait that is exactly what it means. And sometimes things are better if they are left just they way they are.

And thus concludes this story, and the next one, and the one after that. Oh how good is o have a true story of everything!

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Doing Some Armchair Work, it is not pretty!

I know that I have been a pill lately, and I can assure you I am going to be one in the future as well. Not because I want to but because I have to. Anyway, the reason for my distress is that I had ruined a perfectly good armchair, all leather, from a snake I think, and one thing that is 100% sure is that it cost me a lot of cashish. I got it on some kind of discount, but still it is a pretty expensive piece of furniture. And why shouldn’t it be? Well, because it is not good for us to have this kind of thing done to our favorite furniture. Because once we try to get it off we can figured that it doesn’t wasn’t to come off, why? Well, because it is some vile substance I do not want to comment upon. Lets just say that some naughty girl was not hearing her protection, and some leakage was found on that armchair. How embarrassing indeed, because as well know it is impervious that we keep our chins up and continue thriving through this desolate plane we call existence.


That is why I decided to give a call, to someone who might be able to help me deal with this embarrassing situation. But who. Indeed I knew only one company that would help me and be discreet about it as well. Well, I gave Aceclean.co.uk a visit on their website and presto chango, in almost no time at all that bloody stain was out of my armchair and out of my life.


This kind of thing is sure to put a lot of strain on young girls self esteem. But having self esteem is a double edged blade, because too much pride can leave to self-delusion and then bad things start happening.


|Well, after this little service, I decided to chill back with some Spice and bottle of cooled white wine, and listen to my old Burning Spear records. Yes people, I actually have an old record player just for this occasion. And it was divine, I thing I had too much of the good stuff, and soon I must have fallen asleep. ? But guess what happened when I woke up? I had spilled wine on that same bloody armchair that I had paid to get cleaned. I has trembling with anger, for I had to do the whole procedure over a gain, god how I hate myself in these kinds of situations. It is like I have some sort of curse done on me and nothing I do can ever make it right. But why make it right? I am tired of always making everything right. For once, I decided, yes, it is going to have a wine stain on it, but that was probably for the better.  

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Stoke Newington has a way to make domestic cleaning fun, even for me!

Stoke Newington is the place to be, if you don’t have a life! Nowadays I spend most of my time home, alone! I am not proud of it, I am just angry that this is all what my life has to offer! I am not a boring person, I just have a boring life! There is nothing for me now, but to browse the internet, writing blogs like this one. And do you know what I will be writing to you about today? The single most exciting thing that has happens to me in along long time. That something is so pathetic, that I might even stutter writing about it.


I had my flat cleaned by a professional cleaning company, which I found at http://www.domesticcleaning.co.uk/. They came and they did my apartment wonders! I have never felt so good from having strangers coming to my apartment. I had company in I don’t know how long, and I am truly glad that it went down that way, otherwise I might have ended up using one of those online dating services, just so I can get someone to talk to. They were polite, one boy, Jacob I think was called, was so sweet and so nice, I gave him a 100 sterling bill, for the conversation we had.


Such pleasant people they were, or maybe I have been out of touch for so long, I have forgotten that they are getting paid to be nice, or act nice if you will. I don’t mind, AT ALL! I prefer a nice faker, than an honest nobody! Oh god, where did my life go so very wrong? I can no longer feel the joy of just being alive, like I used to when I was a teenager. Things are changing, and sometimes people are destined into living lone, miserable lives. Like a wolf, or a blind lion. There is nothing that can be done, except to stay at home, and make a mess, then call some cleaners again, and the whole things come into a full circle!


I hope that in times things might pick up, and someone invades that desolate wasteland I call my soul. I was thinking of killing myself a couple of times, but I am afraid to die! Too big of a coward I suppose, but life is life and I guess my subconscious does not know what is to be as alone as I am! There isn’t a single greater torture on this planet! I understand we are monkeys, and as such we must exist in a community. If you separate a money from his family , you can be damn sure it will die, because like us, they cannot live without socialization. And all and all, I do hope I wont kick the bucket before I find my companion, I can only hope. 

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Little of my opinions regarding important issues. Part of my essay on freedom.


. The sale of CD’s with songs containing lyrics that degrade women should be prohibited.

    I think that CD’s with songs containing lyrics that degrade women should not be prohibited. The fact that we differentiate men from women is not far away from sexism and gender discrimination. If any legislation came to pass, regarding this issue, it should be focused on both the sexes. 



 Television is the worst invention of modern time. 

  In my opinion, television has proven itself to be an inseparable part of our modern era. Basically, TV is the most popular source of information to this day. Many, if not all civilized people, depend on the miraculous invention called television to better understand what is happening around the world, to be entertained and amused, to learn and to better understand civilizations other than their own. This, by itself, is enough of an argument to judge TV a necessity to any modern household.



Environmental protection laws go too far.

   Environmental protection is a wonderful thing by itself, but radicalization of the subject has proven itself to be a rather peculiar phenomena. People need to pollute their habitat in order to survive. We depend, more or less, on the industry to provide for mankind a suitable living environment. This is made possible buy a number of large-scale factories, power plants, and chemical manufacturing plants, which in truth exert tremendous amounts of pollution, but are still necessary for our survival.



The advertising industry performs many public services. 

  No matter how intriguing and compelling the advertising industry might seem to the masses, it still remains a form of a social manipulation mechanism, an old one indeed, which only purpose is to make money. If this industry has any benefit on performing any kind of social services, the sake of it will be, as always, nothing more, than making money out of the ignorance of the common man. Advertising by it self, doesn’t imply any direct approach, be that services or anything else for that matter. Every social service related somehow to an advertisement of any kind, will be a pure act of hypocrisy, on behalf of the corporation circle. 



Marijuana should be completely prohibited, no matter of its implications.

 Observing both sides of the issue, I can assume two distinct statements on the matter. On one hand, the misappropriate use of psychoactive cannabis, can, to some extent, lead to more serious drugs dependencies, that is why it’s called a gateway drug. On the other hand, marijuana, in spite of its popularity as a recreational drug, weed has a number of implications. For example cannabis is much easier to grow, compared to lumber. Looking back at history we see, that since the criminalization of marijuana, which happened around the mid-1930s, the timber industry has flourished, but as it progresses so did the extinction of untold quantities of rain-forests. We come to the conclusion, that even dangerous, marijuana provides a subtle and simple answer for one of our society’s major ecological issues. 

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Free Time

Why are we so preoccupied with work? Don’t we understand that it is our very lives that are at stake here? Oh sure, kid yourself that you are doing something with your life by serving some pathetic loser’s wishes, but it is our free time that determines everything? For what is the point of money if you are not going to spend it on yourself?


Let’s take me for example. I have limited my work to the best of my abilities. I am still technically employed, but I work not more than a couple hours a day, and I still say that is too much. The rest of the time I take care of my artistic needs. I like to paint and to play the piano. It relaxes me so. I also like hiking and biking, sometimes both. I have yet another hobby, but it is not for the weak of heart.


I like reading books as well. But none of those romantic dribble work that is practically shoved in our faces, but rather a more serious and profound piece of literature. I like Orwell and Chuck Palahniuk. Orwell, because of his views on society and Chuck, because of his insight of the human mind. And the fact that I am an existential Nihilist helps a lot…


Well, whatever the reason may be, I am sure each and every one of us is sick and tires from doing the same boring routine over and over and over again. We all crave excitement, and sometimes we are not very much concerned about the well being of others, if our own ego’s are satisfied. Alcoholism and drug abuse are what is going to take us to our early graves. Because irrelevant of how we look at it, we are one little soul in an ocean of shit!


Anyway on the other side, things are beautiful. Life itself is very sweet. I enjoy myself too much to look back right now. I know that in my heart I will remain one of the freest spirits out there. But don’t take just my word for it, talk to some of my friends and they will tell you the same story.


Anyways, besides from doing new things, and pondering upon the meaning of existence, I like to shoot crystal meth into my veins. It gets me the rush I so much crave. Then I let filthy immigrants take me around town, if you know what I mean. Well the important thing is the meth. I can’t do without it you see. But that is another story for another time. Well, that was the story for today friends. Check me up next time for some more of your favorite. Until then. Chao. 

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Halloween 2012

“A rose by any other name.” – said Shakespeare and died. Happy Halloween everybody, well not yet. But soon! Today I will write you a little tale of misery and horror. But I won’t give away the ending, so up yours!

It was a cold October morning. The sun had just risen over the horizon, filling the atmosphere with the rich scent of autumn. The leaves had already left their birth givers, and were not piling in the streets.

I was having my usual morning walk, when I say a rather strange man looking at me from across the street. He was dressed all in black, wearing a John Bull top hat, all in black and there was something in his hand. A walking stick of some sorts, but it was longer and thicker than your usual cane. He was laughing.

I passed the weirdo as quickly as possible. The very sight of him gave me the creeps. There is nothing more disturbing than a crazy person staring you down, like you are this afternoon’s lunch.

Anyway it was all well and good from then on. I went back home and cooked myself some steak. The meat tasted rather funny, I could not put my finger on it. Scary stuff.

I ate it nonetheless. I heard somebody knocking some dumpsters down the road. I looked through my curtain, and what a surprise, the man was there. The crazy on. Jesus I was scared to high hell. There is no way I am sleeping soundly tonight.

Terrible thoughts were all around me. What was that meat, who was that man? Will I die or am I stronger than ever? Awful providence I agree, but it is all good when you believe in the police as it is the police that I will resort to call in the end.

Funny thing is that I might have seen it coming, if I was more like my father. An actual inspector for Scotland Yard. He would break that guys legs if he so much wised.

Later that night I had awful nightmare. The man was there. But there was something really off about the way he kept his head slightly coked to the side. His face was obscured by darkness. Nothing, but two silver dots where his eyes should be. The light was kind of unnatural. Like a self illuminated body, his eyes were piercing my very heart. What was that thing ‘I though’.

Needless to say I tried to run away, before that thing get’s it’s grubby claws on me. But I was paralyzed. It noticed I was around and began to advance on me from the right. It was walking forward but it seemed to be making a swirl. It walked with unusual paces. One time it would speed up, and on its next step…

Well, if you like to see the rest of the story, you will have to wait until next week. Happy Halloween people and try not to mess your pants.

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Work At All Costs

On Saturday my friend Harry dropped by and I suggested we had some beer, order pizza and watch something on TV. He said he couldn’t eat greasy food or drink fizzy drinks. When I asked him why, he replied he had serious stomach problems and he felt tired and depressed.


I thought of asking him to accompany me to Mascara Bar, at 72 Stamford Hill tomorrow. I’ll be really happy to attend the Jazz Jam night, because I like jazz rhythm and I have enjoyed every event I’ve attended in Mascara Bar.


Anyway, after Harry told me all about his condition, I understood that I’ll have to find some other company.  Apparently he had been feeling awful for about one month, before his condition deteriorated dramatically.


He works on a computer, eight hours a day and he constantly has to chase deadlines. So he felt constantly tired and sleepy, then his stomach started to disagree with all kinds of food, he had headache and he felt like crap as a whole. So last week he felt really sick at work and left. His doctor sent him to series of check-ups and surprise, surprise! It turned out he had gastritis, colitis, problems with his nervous system and with the eyes.


He had to stay home for the whole week and undergo several more tests, his blood analysis was in norm, but he felt exhausted. They told him, he had to have breakfast every single morning, thank god at least he is a non-smoker, because cigarettes damage the stomach to a great extent.


He also had developed neurosis because of the stress at work and they said it was absolutely necessary that he slowed down. Yeah, tell it to his boss…At least he had some time to rest during this week.


The interesting thing is that the eye specialist asked him whether he processes numbers or works with texts. When she understood what he was doing, she said many of his problems come from the type of work. She said that computer texts are not thick as texts, written on paper. Because letters consist of pixels, our mind accepts them as a thick text, but our eyes don’t.


Today he must be at work already, but I told him he should think about changing the job. It is not worth your health to work till full exhaustion and have no time to feel as a human being, but as a robot. After all, he could do a lot of other things. My friend Anna works in a professional cleaning company as a maid and she is completely satisfied with her job. She is a smart girl, but she doesn’t want to put herself to such a pressure. I’m not saying her work is easy, but she seems happy.


After all, the most important thing is to be happy. And I still have to find somebody for the jazz night, but no one wants to go out on a work-day.


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Clean Computer

How to protect our computer from dust?

Every computer reminds a little bit of a vacuum cleaner. It works in a similar way – it sucks in air from one side and blows from the other. Unfortunately, though they don’t have a filter bag to catch and contain all dust and dirt particles. Only after a few months the ventilator and radiator are covered in dust.
If they are not regularly cleaned, the efficiency of these parts quickly lowers and eventually, they stop working, because the radiator chokes up.

For personal computers cooling process is slower, because the box is larger and there is more air circulation in it. The radiator, ventilator and processor are also larger and more powerful. The ventilators are usually six, so the computer stays cool. Laptops, on the other hand have only one or two smaller ventilators, which have to do all the work by themselves.

If the radiator has already choked up with dust, thicker air will not help. If you have never cleaned your radiator and you have used your laptop for more than a year, then your ventilator is also stuck in dust. The solution is to remove the radiators and clean them, afterwards put them back. This procedure requires experience and skills, so better take the laptop to a professional. One slip of the tool you are using and you might damage the computer.

It is quite annoying to disjoin my computer, clean the parts and then join them together again. I have only done it once with my personal computer and I have to say I was using the vacuum cleaner for. I wasn’t intending to do that, but strange noises started coming out of the computer box.

There are special products for cleaning the keyboard and the monitor. Special wipes, which don’t contain alcohol are available on market and they do a great job.

One thing is for sure, one of the dirtiest objects at home is the mouse. We touch it most frequently and even if we wash our hands often, it is impossible to prevent bacteria from sticking on it.

From hygienic and esthetic point of view, we should clean our computer from dust and we should often do the same with the keyboard and mouse…especially if we have the habit of eating infront of the computer!

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Clean And Modern

It’s true that no matter what you are wearing it has to be washed. This goes without saying. But there are still some other aspects of clothing, which make an impression.

Men dressed in lace, tights and high heels. This is not a gay parade scene, but the formal dress code for gentlemen from 4-5 centuries ago – kings, soldiers and all other.

Why then, there is such a fuss about the flamboyant fashion styles, cuts, accessories and colours? It seems like a male rebel against the fashion chains. When it comes to           clothing contemporary men are facing a difficult choice, whether to be considered boring or to doubt their sexual orientation, while women have a complete freedom.

Now isn’t this a discrimination? After all, initially tights have been a part of men’s wardrobe. Later, when trousers became longer and skirts shorter, tights became only part of women fashion.

During the XVII century men did not feel shy about wearing high heels. As royal highnesses, kings had to be higher than their citizens. The shoes were also decorated with a lot of laces, flowers and other colourful accessories.

The truth is that ladies, not gentlemen, have occupied pieces of clothing, typical for the opposite sex’s wardrobe. Their reputation does not at all suffer fro this fact, though. In the XX century this becomes most obvious, because almost all men clothes are appropriated by ladies’ fashion. Today, a business lady is often clad in suits, consisting of coat and trousers.

One thing is for sure, no matter how you are dressed, clothes have to be clean! No self-respecting person will allow the luxury of wearing dirty clothes, with stains or clothes which are not ironed. You know what they say about first impressions and appearance.

Today’s casual fashion tries to resemble hobo looks. The so called ‘hobo fashion’ is really inspired by the streets, but still the part with the dirt and the smell is missed on purpose.

I am open to all experiments, when it comes to my wardrobe, but I thing everything has to happen within limits. I don’t like to wear pink for example. I also prefer not to wear one and the same T-shirt day after day, to be clean and neat is something which should be self-understood for everybody. No girl would like to date a guy, whose jeans are stained and whose shirt is not ironed. This is also disrespect towards the lady, not only towards yourself. Same is with men. I personally would be fairly disgusted, if the girl I have a date with, comes looking negligee and seems like she’s slept with her clothes on. No, thank you!

I thing fashion changes, but what remains has to be good taste and the self-respect of maintaining high hygiene and decent appearance!

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